Family Owned and Operated

Since 1984, the Garcia family's mission has been to provide the finest Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine in town. My grandmother, Mama Sarita, would be proud of our attention to detail in following her personal recipes to the letter. Just taste our famous Spicy Bean Dip ... often imitated, but never duplicated. Each morning we start by preparing small batches of our always fresh ingredients and slow cook them for hours to bring you traditional selections in generous portions.

Why do we do this, you ask? Because FRESH MATTERS! Mama Sarita taught me to appreciate that difference and now you can appreciate it too. Enjoy!

Having grown up in the restaurant business since the age of 11, I guess you can say "it's in my blood." I've held every position imaginable in the restaurant, so I understand the responsibilities of every job (dishwasher, line cook, busboy, host, server, bartender, and manager). Since the mid 1980's (almost 30 years) my family has owned and operated Casa Garcia in Metairie. My parents, Octavio and Dorita Garcia, felt the need to bring good quality Mexican and Tex-Mex cooking to the New Orleans area.

Following in their footsteps, I took what I learned from them and my grandmother, Mama Sarita's recipes, and secured a location to open Casa Garcia in Mandeville in 2004. My wife Connie (whom I hired as a server in 1990) and I chose Mandeville because we wanted a safe community to raise our daughter, Taylor. The restaurant achieved instant success and has been a favorite of the community for over 8 years, but the ability to grow at the Causeway location has been hindered by redirection of traffic and difficulty to access the building.

Today, the opportunity came to open the doors for a slightly different concept...Garcia's Famous Mexican Food in Covington, an expanded and accessible location that will allow us to prosper and showcase our authentic cuisine to a new reach of customers. I take pride in providing quality, traditional and personally created selections for our customer base. My focus is FRESH MATTERS. I was taught this by my grandmother to appreciate the difference and now you and our customers can appreciate it too.

- Steve Garcia, Chef/Owner of Garcia's Famous Mexican Food

Garcia's Famous Mexican Food
200 River Highlands Blvd
Covington, LA 70433